Oh gosh, yeap this is the time of the year that everybody is waiting for. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in Greece this week is the week that almost everybody are getting their days off and leave for the destination they were planning for log..

Well, I don't about you but concerning packing, oh boy.. That headache again!

Packing may seem simple, but it is a science with rules that travelers often learn the hard way over thousands of miles on the road.

I decided to write this article because I believe you are plenty like me out there and I hope to help even a few.

So here we go:

1. Shorts.

I always pack 2 pair of shorts, my favorite ones, that I wear during all day long. They are perfect for the beach and for you coctails at night. 

You can wear them with your swimsutis, with crop tops, with kaftans, with anything you can possibly imagine!

2. Oversized shirts

Maybe the best thing from your wardrobe that you can pack.

The most easy piece that you can wear and comfortable.

You can chooce one at earthy tones, a black or white one.


3. Something white!

What other color could we possibly imagine to wear when we are suntanned?

White! Clearly the color of summer.. Its bright and makes your dark, tanned color to pop out..

If you aked me a shirt dress or a dress with a high cut whould be the ultimate piece to bring with me on my holidays!

4. Lingerie dress!!

To be honest, I don't know how many I am packing with me.. I might have over 10 of them in different colors.. I could literally dressed only with lingerie dresses. Comfortable, sexy and easy to style them and if I was to beg you about something, whould be to go and buy such a dress if you don't have one already!

You can thank me later. 

5. Scarfs, Scarfs, Scarfs.

Pack as many as you can!

Depending your mood you can amazed about what you can do with scarfs. 

A nice tip for the girls that they don't wanna bother much with styling.

Choose earthy clothes and colorful scarfs! You have already completed the half way...

6. Kaftans. 

You can't go on holidays without THE big cover up.

I think we all want to embrace the spirit of summer with a bohemian kaftan.

Loose-fitting, billowing printed tunics bearing artisan accents are rarely city-worthy but if you want to feel a little bit more sexy, you can add a belt to balance proportions.

7. Bodysuits.

The bodysuit trend is one thing that one can get into and feel glamorous with least efforts. Once you enter into stores like Zara, Forever21, H&M, or others, you’ll find the bodysuit section taking over the limelight of other sections.

Summery bodysuits are all about cutouts, deep necklines, short& cold-shoulder sleeves, tassels, swimmer cutouts, and more.

How you will wear it, with a pair of shorts or a skirt is your choice, but you can't leave without packing your bodysuit at your suitcase. 

8. Big hats.

Can you imagine your pictures without your big hat?

It's so instagrable that you can't travel without your hat and you be sun protected too!

I know it's not easy to pack it at your suiticase and you rather don't but you can put it at the hat box it was in it when delivered to you or just wear it frim the start! 

9. Espadrilles

We can say that espadrilles are the must have shoes of the season and they won even me that I wasn't fan of these shoes.
It’s been a few years that these kind of chord slippers became a trend in summer collections as the perfect compromize between style and comfort… that’s actually what we were looking for in this summer anyways!
Fashionable and comfortable: for these two features, espadrilles already gained the title as the coolest shoes to wear this season and who are we to turn our backs in this one?
Thanks to the first sunny days, many of us dreamt to be already on the beach with these shoes at our feet and guess what? We don't have to dream anymore!

10. Strapless dress.

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy.. I love when I see women with strapless dresses and they have uncovered that part of the body! So feminine, don't you agree? and I know you love them, so put them in your suticaae right away. If you want to take two be my guest. Choose one in a color and one in black.. The one in black you will style it multiple times creating different look, you will see!

Bonus +1

11. Tiny bikini

I know you won't wear it public, neither do I but we must have our little, tiny bikini together for that moment when we are completely alone and we want to tan a little bit more and make these sexy marks.


I hope you liked this article and you found it helpful for you.

One last wor my girls...



xx by El.g

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