Sunday, 11 February 2018


I have loads of emotions this moment but the one that I feel the most is happiness for starting writing on my blog again! 

I know it’s been a while, I have put too much work to relaunch my new blog and then my full-time endorsement to YouTube and all the other commitments I had as an influencer, justs eliminates my time of writing! 

But I am back and I will try to be consistent with you here, as I am on my other social media because lots of great things are coming! 

Well, to be honest, the diet that I have been started a while ago put me again in track in many ways and I am so happy about it.

From the time I announced it on my YouTube video, many of you girls are sending me messages every day that you started too and you wanna know my whole diet program! 

Well, here you go and the good part about this nutrition is that you can choose whatever meal you want from the list, depending on your daily program and that works way too good for me! 

The only thing that made me unhappy was these 3 last days that I traveled to AZORES - oh I am gonna write about my trip really soon and I am preparing a vlog about it on my channel too - because I didn’t follow much but I couldn’t resist! 

I promised though to myself, that I will try not to do that anymore and be more disciplined with my nutrition from now on cause I travel much and I must learn to live with a more healthy and nutrition program because everything rolls around the meaning of being healthy and not about losing pounds! and I must learn to deal with it. Period!

Every week starting from this one I will be posting a nutrition post and you will be able to see my progress too! 

So good luck to everyone that follows, summer is not that far right? 




- All Bran cereal with almond milk + 1 spoon chia seeds + 1 spoon honey 

- 1 slice of whole wheat bread + 1/2 avocado + 1 egg


- 2 cup of tea DAILY 

- 2 rice crackers or 1 banana or 1 apple 

- 1 yogurt 2% with 1 tablespoon honey and cinnamon


- White fish with broccoli

- Salmon with quinoa or rice

- Fish with 1 boiled potato and 1 boiled carrot

- Soup (if you choose this meal you will have the same for lunch and dinner)

- Rice with yogurt and peper

- Meat with green salad

- Grilled shripms with green salad and 1 cracker

- 200gr grilled chicken breast with cottage cheese and 8-9 tomato cherries

- Lentils with lemon

- Omelet with 2 eggs, mushrooms, green pepper and tomato

- Tagliata with green salad and lemon sauce


- 1 ntakos with 1 boiled egg, 2 turkey slices, 5-6 tomato cherries and 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese 

- Rice with yogurt ) same as lunch but half of it)

- 1 yogurt 2% with 1 tablespoon of honey 

- 1 chicken salad without mayonnaise 

- Soup same with lunch 

- 2 chicken barbeque without salt and yogurt



Feel free to ask me whatever you want and the last thing that I would say to you is, that the best you should do for yourself is to visit your own nutritionist because this program is due to my needs, but it is a start for you to begin with, so I will wish you again GOOD LUCK..

I promised you my measurements, so here you go:


27/01/2018 73.2 kg 

01/02/2018 71.3 kg



Whoops, I guess this was my last feast!

With love though from the AZORES.



xx by El.g

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