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Wednesday, 03 August 2016

Goodmorning my loves... Long time since I last wrote you but I know you understand me, I was in vacation mood. The truth is that I had my laptop with me and I tried to start writing from Paros but it was hopeless. I couldn't even write the word hello.. But that's ok here I am and in fact I wasn't really upsent. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat we were together all the time, right? Did we have fun in Mykonos or what? Have you enjoyed Paros with me through snapchat? Well, I have news for you.. My vacatios aren't over..xoxo.. Will we go together Mykonos one more time, ok? Are you with me? Good!!!

Let's concetrate though on today's topic. I know that you are preparing for your summer vacations and for that reason I would like to give you some ideas of your summer looks. I had so many pictures of mine ones and because of all of those messages you been keep sending me on instagram, I decided to post some more with all the equavalent info, and I hope that I give you some more further inspiration, so here we go!

If you remember in Mykonos we stayed in a beautiful villa and this mirror was my favorite spot.. Every day I was snapping my beach look before I leave the villa.

The black beachwear I am wearing is from LIDL and because you liked it, we run a contest on my facebook page.

At the end of the post I have announced the 15 lucky ones.. It might be you!!!

Dreamy one piece swimsuit from SUGARFREE, that you easily wear after the beach with a pair of white pants. I believe it is one of my favorite this year because I loved the off-the-shoulder trend this season. 

I don't like baggy dresses so much but this one won my heart instantly and is a very good choice for your island vacay!


High waist swimsuits was very popular this seaon and I must say I wear them a lot because it suits perfectly my body type! Of course you can't go vacations without your black laced kimono... You can thank me later..


The truth is that jewellry are not so convienient on the beach but it ives you a lot of style and that boho sense that we all love, especially when they are from the new jewellry line allover of my friend Athina Oikonomakou.

Well, me spotted on a magazine: Black and white bikini Nadia Rapti - Fashionnoiz hat Giorgio Hatter

Thank god I have you to send me the pictures! (Kisses Mariza from Cyprus)

These pictures where publish in a greek site, where I am in Ftelia beach wearing my printed one piece swimsuit NIDODILEDA. Later on I matched it with my set pants from the same brand. See how easily you can be stylish after the beach? 

One pieces are best for a day at the pool. Firstly I chose to wear a knitted kimono over it from CK by Christina Kontova and afterwards a blue high waisted skirt for lunch beside the beautiful pool of the amazing 5* boutique hotel KIVOTOS. 

At the picture I am outside the suite Pike and Sakira where staying few years ago..

The more kimonos you take with you the merrier!

White is my favorite color especially when I am tanned.. These white high waisted pants (Vdestination) were my first choice while I was packing my suitcase. A very nice idea is to make a colorful scarf a very nice crop top to match it with your pants!

I could't leave from Mykonos without stopping by from CrispP. Black, white, and nude are the only Mαύρο, λευκό και nude are the only colors you will find but they are more than enough! A lacer cut crop top and a maxi skirt were a few items of my shopping at their beautiful store before I return in athens! 

I hope I helped you a little bit and I wish you only to enjoy your vacay whatever your outfits will be..

Th winners from my facebook contest are the following and thank you for your participation!

  1. George Michahlidis
  2. Αφροδίτη Σαφάκα
  3. Natalia Mouratidou
  4. Elefteria Xatzipetrou
  5. Ευγενία Σωτηροπούλου
  6. Τουμπέκη Κωνσταντίνα 
  7. Sotiria Koukou
  8. Rania Papadhmhtriou
  9. Ελένη Βασάκου
  10. Ιωάννα Σωτηροπούλου
  11. Nikh Sarri
  12. eleni Moudraki
  13. Georgia Giannakli
  14. Eleftheria Vamvakaki
  15. Mafopoulou Maria

(Send me your info at my inbox)

5 more will be announced on my YouTube channel. 


xx by El.g


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