Thursday, 07 August 2014

I wanted so long to devote some time for myself and a treatment to my hair that they so needed to. I went to Chrissa's Hair salon, where I go since I was young and my sister and mother go too, so as you can understand Chrissa is like family to us. But beyond this, she is so proffesional at what she does, she is one of the best hair experts I know and I have been to many other hair salon form time to time but I always return to her.. Two days ago, I called her and set an appointment knowing that she would tell me exactly what to do to my hair to be better and look healthier.

She advised me to do a new therapy by KERASTASE which is called discipline, and is designed to tackle and treat unruly hair, on all hair types tight curls to straight. The in-salon Discipline treatment aims to give supple, fluid and smooth hair without any harsh chemicals or damage, moreover to give back dicsipline to our hair!!!I I guess I pretty much needed that...

I am ready to show you what we exactly did!!!

So, are you ready?

Lets get started!!!

We comb my hair -you see how destroyed they look- and we begun the treatment which consists of 4 steps:


STEP 2: We putted on my hair the treatment mask, very carefully to go everywhere.

STEP 3: After, we comb my hair and we left the product to effect for about 30 minutes and we straighten them with a steam pod so as the product to be stabilized good on the hair.

STEP 4: Then, there is the best part!!! 20 minutes of massaging all over the head for the mask to go everywhere and then we shampooed with a special sampoo from the treatment. After this enjoying step, we sprayed my hair with a treatment product and we are good to go for the hair styling!

and voila!!!! NIce and smooth hair are back to business. Don't you agree?

Extra tip: It would be nice if we bought the sampoo and the conditioner of the same collection for a more lasting result!

Try it girls, having healthy hair and a nice image of them is the alpha and the omega of a one goodlooking woman!!! And is basic, because as long as we don't take care of our hair, the more (effort - time - money) it going to take us to bring them back!

Many thanks CHRISSA COIFFURES and Chrissa for her precious advices!!!

For more info call at 210-9666782 or visit their facebook page: facebook.com/chrissahaircare

PS: Lots of credits to Iro for helping me making this post!! xoxo

xx by El.g

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