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This is the period when most of the brides-to-be are looking for the appropriate make up artists and hairstylists to trust and make them, the most beautiful bride ever witnessed.. We have a groom to dazzle afterall.. xoxo

I am kind of joking though, because first of all you have to feel good WITH yourself and FOR yourself no matter what and if you do, you are going to be as beautiful as you wanted to be I guaranteed you; therefore don't worry, everybody else will see that beauty too..

I got tempted I must say, and I did a bridal make up and a hairstyling pretending I was a bride.. Someday it will happen for real, I guess..

Anyways, the point is to give you some tips for your big day and I hope I can help you even for a little with my way, so let's get started!!

Before showing you what I did is good to know that:

We have to take care our hair in general and use the appropriate products.
Cystine does good to our hair.. You can see dramatic changes, believe me!
I advice you to make keratin treatments months before your wedding, to give the CHANCE to your hair to look strong and healthy.
Concerning your facial treatment,

Use every single day, your day cream (+sun protection), night cream, and eye cream!!
Drink a lot of water to moisturize your skin.
Sleep definitely for 8 hours, aka beauty sleep. What do you mean you can't?? Well, you should!! Ok, don't make it less than 6.
Watch out what you eat and drink, cause what we look like is mostly what we eat.
In other words, don't leave anything last minute, take care yourself ALWAYS!!!

And after this small intro, I imagine my wedding day to be as much as less styled up, because I like to look natural and fresh and I believe we got over the "too much" era!

My hair are very thick and long and I think I belong to those lucky ones that won't need to put extra hair for length or anything else, but are also very heavy so I can't make all the the hairdos I like, cause they don't last!..

What I asked from Thalia Botonaki was to make some wavy curls with natural movement.

But as a bride, I have to be different from the others and stand out by wearing something on my hair. I made a handmade wreath with flowers that gave me the romantic sense I wanted; oh, it's so easy girls, I made it by myself but don't get anxious about, go to the florist of your neirbohood and they will make it for you!

You can make a whole wreath or half of it like me and make a pigtail with your hair for the other half.

It's good to know that if you are a brunette like me and you like pigtails and fishbones for all the hair, just forget about them because they don't show much on dark hair and it's not so impressive!!

If you are getting married on an island a very stylish hairdo is to make beach waves and put a headband on your hair!!!

The make artist, Theoni Stravokefalou, advices us that as summer has a bright and strong light, all the brunette brides must:

Prefer gold, bronze and brown eyeshadows to give us this sexy warmth on our look and make us look healthy!
Use fake eyelashes because makes our look more intense and we look better in our wedding pictures too; hellooooo way to important!!!
Talking about photographs, be aware to use the appropriate makeup base and how would you know? Take a pic before so you can see if it seems natural!!!! You are so gonna do this! Don't forget it..
We apply terracota powder on our cheekbones and a blush at the shade of apricot and of course the highlights we all love!!!
Finally, prefer a nude pistick and a lip gloss on the top to make them more juicy!

Do not forget that trusting the wright people for your day is very crusial and you must feel comfortable with them and not anxious, don't exagurate, sleep well the night before and be sure you have chosen the love of your life to live with, the rest of your life!!!!

Just enjoy it girls, it's your day, your party!!!

You can also, change a little bit your hairdo if you feel like it, as I did at the picture below!!!

all gonna look gorgeous!!!

Love you :-))

hair-stylist Thalia Botonaki (Miroir de Beaute, 2104922249)

make-up artist Theoni Stravokefalou, 6988120110


photography by DIM VERGIS

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