Monday, 23 February 2015

My dearest friends, I am so sorry that we haven't post on the blog for quite some time but there are a lot of things that's going on.. Your messages are so touching and I missed you too, and we will be back on track, that's a promise!!!

Well, as you saw in my instagram account , we were guests at one of the biggest shows on Greek television ELENI with Eleni Menegaki (and that's one the reasons of running the previous week) but due to the Oscars, we didn't have the appropriate time, so together with the production we decided not to go on air and reschedule for another day.. (We will inform you, no worries!!! We always do..)

You can't imagine though, what is needed to be done in order everything to be OK, and one of them is our hair and make up!!! We are more than happy to work with the best of the best and we thank them for it.. Vassilis Bouloubasis did my hair and Roula Stamatopoulou my make up, while Theoni Stravokefalou did Angie's make up.. We trully love you guys!!!!

Till next time..

xx by El.g

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