Saturday, 14 March 2015

You are all familiar with the extension eyelashes and how beautifull they make you look, but I am also sure that you have many questions about it as I had!!

An appointment with Elli Tsadarlioti at ELISABETH LASHES studio, the first cosmetologist who brought extension eyelashes to Greece was more than enough to convience me to do it.

The technique of extension is a unique ability to have long and many eyelashes in order to have an intense look! The natural result is due to the method of putting the extension over our natural eyelash one by one and there are many types of extensions to satisfy every woman need. The prosedure is very simple, it needs about an hour and it lasts for about a month!! There is no danger for our natural eyelashes because of the glue and guess what? You will not have to put mascara anymore..

So what do you think girls??? What about a sexy, seducing look at all times?

See the following steps of my session and watch the video of interviewing Mrs. Tsantarlioti if you have any further questions (greek only, I will work on subtitles, I promise!!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQx7oqoDbjY&feature=youtu.be (video)

Mrs. Elli will give you the apropriate cleansing foam as well.

So really, what do you think of it? If you ask me and my experience, I strongly recommend it to do it, you gonna love it actually!!!

http://www.elisabethlashes.gr/ | 210 8023 376 | Elisabeth’s Point, EL. VENIZELOU 4 - Τ.Κ. 15121 - PEUKI

photography and video by DIM VERGIS

xx by El.g

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