Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It is nice to wear nice clothes and accessorizes, but we cant forget to take care of our skin, something that we mention many times on our blog and that's why we have a certain category here at COOL UR STYLE, beauty-FULL, in order to inform you about new products, everything worth of telling you about, anything we have used to and we are satisfied from, so as for you to be always beautifull as you already are!!! Let's go a walk till Hollywood though, to tell you about the new obsession concering scincare that is all over the states and is nothing more than a magical mud..

I remember it was Friday night, when me and my couzin Angie has returned back home from a day walking around downtown Chivago and we were already "dead" and excausted. I lay down to the couch and after few minutes Ang came next to me dropping a box on my legs. "HELLO SEXY", was the message that "hit" me right away when I opened that box and a huge smile appealed on my face.. Hmmmm, that must be interested I said to myself and before she explained to me what it was, I knew I was going to try it!

Some years ago, Glenn and Shannon, a couple from Los Angeles, after some conversations they had with their friends - actors, about their concerns that they would love to have a product that could made their skin instantly camera-ready, instantly pore-refining, instantly diminish visible imperfections, reducing fine lines and producing a noticeable glow that would last for days, they decided and created after some research, few samples of a face mask and they gave it to them! After some days, they called them back asking WHAT THAT PRODUCT WAS!! With increasing requests, Glenn and Shannon began to sell the ‘no name’ magic mud to Hollywood studios, which provided the product to sound stages for use by actors and their make-up artists. A year went by and their product was being used on-set, all over Hollywood, until one evening the phone rang and the Vice President of a major luxury retailer was on the line asking them to cooperate and produce their product massively!!! They are now millionaires!!!! WOW...

I didn't realize how 20' minutes passed, as my cousin telling me this story and it was time to take off our masks. To tell you the truth you don't see miracles immediatelly but the next day our faces were so shining and glowing that we took a lot of pictures without filter, like movie stars.. xoxo


xx by El.g

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