Tuesday, 01 July 2014

One of a woman's nightmare is to wake up in the morning and see in the mirror of her bathroom an ugly, big, white dot in her face... but ladies there is no need to panic. I know that the first thing that comes into your minds is to squeeze the pimple but the only thing you succeed with at, is to make it worse! Please don't even think of squeezing it even if you are so unlucky and have a date with Leonardo Di Caprio the same day -tied your hands in the sink if you must-. I am not the smart one here, I was the first one to do it too until I found out my "cure". The argil mask from the Theano Bella Beauty Spa, which you put it on your pimple -after you had clean your face of course- and you take it off after 15’ minutes, at night you can put it and sleep with it as well. Be patient, the very next day, your pimple will be completely dry and in 2 days it will be a history!!!

You will thank me after, this mask is divine, I don't know about other argil masks -you can try some to see, if you can't find this particularly mask- but this one is the best! If you have an oily skin, apply the mask in your whole face for 30’, at least once every week even if you don't have pimples.

Also, you will hear all the time when they say, don't put your hands on your face, but really DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR FACE, you can get infected without even know it!!! My sweet Bella... She can remind you that every single day non-stop....


Try to change your pillow case often, the ideal would be every two days, -I know who does it?-, at least make it twice every week.
When you clean your face, you have to use a new towel every time. You can use tissues instead, if you can't manage all this laundry.. LOL

PS: If you have problems with your face, acne, marks and of course wringles, Bella is the one!! From time to times I have problems with pimples ( I am 32 years old and still don't get to forget me!!!) and I heard the advice of a friend of mine who introduced me to go to Bella and from the day I went, I haven't seen my face better before. It might be kind of pricey, but we deserve it once in a while.. Don't we girls???

xx by El.g

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