Thursday, 08 October 2015

Leather is a fashion staple that I can't survive winter without!!! For me, winter is all about quality fabrics and layering, so I couldn’t live without my leather leggings or my leather pants or even my leather skirt. Now, when we talk about a leather dress, there are no words to be spoken about..

Leather clothes are so versatile and they keep you really warm. Plus they can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for evening and that's the thing I like the most.

This season if you want to make the difference though, you can invest in burgundy leather clothes, they go with everything as much as black does and you can be more stylish as this color is this season trend!

In today's post you will see how I wear a classic leather dress, sometimes simple things are more than enough.. How I layer with my leather leggings or how I match these two together creating an ultra stylish and statement outfit.. You can even have a more girly outfit wearing your leather skirt with a cardigan and your biker boots!

There are a million ways to wear leather clothes and you can never go wrong.. If you do, you must have put a lot of efford on that!! xoco -I hope you won't!!!!

leather clothes: CAROLINE DE SOUZA

xx by El.g

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