Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A resort city located on Geneva Lake, it is popular with tourists from metropolitan Chicago and Milwaukee and a near getaway for the locals as many of them have their country houses there!!!!

Its a place full of trees, flowers, grass, is literally inta nature, surrounded by hotels, big houses and resorts and you can do plenty of things such as horse riding, hiking, climbing, water skiing at the lake, or just enjoy the beach, while during sunny days you will see many families or couples having a picnic at the grass..

We couldn't miss this change of exploring the lake and me and my fam went a roadtrip for a day as it wasn't that far from Lake Barrington and experience the magnificence of the lake and its surroundings!!!! Have you seen the movie Dirty Dancing?? of course you have, who haven't!! Well, it remind me kind of that scenery of the resort they were staying, if you know what I mean!!!

What I will remember afterall??? Our endless walkings around the nature, you feel like you are in a paradise or something, and the laughts we have with our little one, our 7 month little Manolako, who seemed that he was enjoying that place more than we did!!! #pricelessmoments


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