Monday, 28 September 2015

Fall is the season for layering—a style that not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit more interesting. But the most important thing about learning to layer is getting a good handle on the basics. There are a few items you need in your closet to take your layered looks to the next level and one of them is definetelly your shirt. You can wear it open over a t-shirt and then just wear a jacket or wear it buttoned with a cardigan on top and an oversized blazer. You can even do layering with a dress by wearing it over your pants, it is kind of a more extreme situation but it's also an ultra stylish one!

The aim of layering is to look chic and feel comfortable – which is why go-anywhere, sporty styles are oh-so popular. Sticking to one colour head-to-toe creates an elongated silhouette: jeans and stripes is always going to look elegant; winter white screams luxury; and don’t forget the classic palette of black with a hint of camel. Lush, lightweight fabrics will keep an outfit slinky, prevent overheating and stop you looking like an overladen cricket umpire.

My today's look is about layering my jumpsuit and it's also a good idea to show you how you can turn the clothes that you wore during summer, into perfect outfits for this season!

The shirt that I just mentioned you above, is the ideal item for my layering and you know what's the purpose of all these? If you wore simply just your jacket it would be boring, wouldn't be??? and we need more than that!

So, give it a shot.. Have a great week everyone!!!


shirt / jacket /shoes: ZARA


shades: RAYBAN



photography by KYNTHIA KINDELI

xx by El.g

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