Friday, 26 June 2015

In a perfect summer mood, I am so looking forward for my summer vacations and I guess you all do.. After such a stressfull year of non-stop working yet so productive and thankfully succesfull, I need to slow down a little bit my speed and take a rest so as to recharge my batteries for a very promising year to come!!

I am trying to figure out where to go -speaking of which, have you decided yet? I would like to find out what are you plans for this summer-. Anyways, despite the place I will visit and the duration I will stay, only one is for certain.. That I am not going to stress at all of what I am gonna take with me to my vacations; I want to be and feel free thus I am packing the clothes tha makes me feel the most comfortable of!!

One of my favorites clothes for this summer that I am going to enjoy on my vacation is that long red skirt for sure. From the moment I saw it hanging on the store, I said that's the perfect beachwear over my bikini or my one-piece swim suit and for you girls that like to be super stylish at the beachbar for your after swim coctail or at the restaurant after the beach, well that's the choice you should make! The most amazing thing is that you won't put much of an effort cause this skirt makes it all..

and as we want to look always fashionable with impressive looks, you can wear a long, white t-shirt inside the skirt, choose a statement necklace and voila.. You have yourself a feminime, classy, yet so relaxed and bohemian outfit, ideal for your afternoon or night walks in the island.. Believe me you gonna love this skirt as much as I do!!!



Hair styling and make up by IRO, CHRISSA COIFFURES 2109566782

photography by KYNTHIA KINDELI

xx by El.g

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