Friday, 06 November 2015

One of my favorite outfits during my trip to lovely Cannes is the one I am posting you today. When I first bought this dress I had a certain occasion on my mind, a very special dinner where I wore it with highheels and statement earrings! Oh, it was quite fancy but what can we do afterwards with that? The thing with some clothes we buy is that we buy them right that moment because we have to attend somewhere and then we forget them in the closet... Wrong!! There so many ways to wear a piece aaaand during your day as well..

So, what do we do? We simply give to the dress a casual sense by wearing sneakers, adding some elegance with a blazer and voilaaaaa, there we go.. We have a sporty chic outfit perfect for our everyday meetings! Isn't nice? Don't be afraid to wear on day time your dresses or your fancy pants or your glamorous fur.. As long as there are sneakers on the scene you are perfectly safe and sound!!!

dress: 180 degrees

blazer: ZARA

sneakers: PINKO

shades: RAYBAN

xx by El.g

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