Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hello guys, long time since I posted an outfit but I had a reason!! From the one hand, we are still having the G-Star Raw contest on the run,

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and on the other hand my sister is on the other side of the world, at the far away Guangzhou, feeling kinda of sad by the fact of being apart! Yes, I have to admit, I missing her terribly! I might get tired many times by the excausting program she makes for both of us, but now I realize how much I enjoy it!! xoxo crazy me #elenacomeback

Anyways, back on our subject and speaking of things that I can't being apart from, my classic ripped jeans will be one of them. There was a period of time that I didn't wear them at all but now we are back in business together!!! You can wear them with almost anything, even with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of heels, the classic uniform as I call it!

Today, I chose a look that is suitable from every hour, mostly if you have a buzy day and you are always outside from early morning till night. These wide (whoops wide again) ripped jeans makes me feel comfortable and sophisticated at the same time as I matched them with this blazer I have from a pyjama set recently bought from H&M!!

Is all about mix n' match afterall, what I am saying is to dare to wear clothes that you weren't suppose to wear together, like for instanse these jeans that you might have them as a more casual choice in your mind.. With a blazer you transformed your outfit to an everyday stylish choice from am to pm...


jeans | TALLY WEJL

top | PINKO

cardigan | H&M

shoes and bag | PINKO


necklace | LAVIE


photography by BILL PATRICK

edited by DIM VERGIS

xx by El.g

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