Thursday, 07 May 2015

There many times that we tend to forget that some things in life are so beautiful!!! Under the stress and the anxiety of doing everything perfect or just trying to manage our heavy loaded program and make it through the day, we forget that we can seek happiness from simple, little things... All we have to do is be free and enjoy each and every day because only by this way we will enjoy life.. or else what to trouble so hard for?

While I was in Paris wearing this amazingly comfortable jumpsuit from H&M, well don't rush to say anything yet, the weather was too cold back then, I was freezing and obviously I wasn't in a mood of doing anything than go to the nearest Laduree and drink a hot choco!!!! But things changed when we bombed into this Carousel near the Eiffel Tour.. I instantly took off the jacket I was wearing and jumped into for a ride!!!! I laughed so much, I felt so free, I wasn't even cared about the cold, my mind was for a few seconds was elsewhere, maybe on my childhood time, when I was a kid playing all around, maybe I am still a kid in my heart!! I really enjoyed it and we had so much fun... I was happy!!!

I am happy... I am smiling even now writing these lines..

Now, talking a little bit about style, this jumpsuit is trully something, the back is amazing, the fabric is so smooth on my body and I like the fact that it is really really wide, being able to move as freely as I want!!! You don't need much to style up your outfit with such a piece... I just went with a big hat and that's it, as simple as this, as free as it gets!!!!


jumpsuit & hat: H&M

xx by El.g

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