Friday, 31 July 2015

and yes Friday it's a fact and many of you have already started packing their vacation suitcases, - don't you? -including my sister who she is leaving today and I wish I could sqeeze myself into her luggage but obviously I can't.. I don't worry though, cause my time to relax will come eventually!

So, ladies, for you that are in the packing mode, I just have to say a few things to make your life a little bit more easy!

First of all, DO NOT PANIC.. You are going a few days to relax and being stressful about it, is not a solution. A good idea is to make a list of the things you want with you, do not take much, that is the point of the vacation period anyways, not to worry about what in the world we are going to wear! Feel free with yourselves and pack the clothes you feel confident while wearing them.. Your favorite shorts, your long -ancient type- dress, your boyfirend navy shirt, your white shirt dress, your high waisted zip culottes or your colorful kimono can might be a few..

Choosing a fashion bathing suit is all about looking good as well, wright? Looking good means working with our own body type to flatter the assets and distract from problem areas. Some women get caught up in worrying that they do not have the perfect body. There is no need for such anxiety because women naturally come in many different shapes and sizes, and SO DO BATHING SUITS. Instead, we should focus on choosing a suit that flatters our body and a black one-piece swimsuit, beleive me, is always a winner!! It looks good on all body types, therefore more peace of mind in every women, yeaaaaaah! There are a lot of black swimsuits outhere and in good prices cause there are on sales ladies, but choose the one with a special detail to give this little something!

Flip flops, - AVOID HIGH HEELS- hats, sunnies, and of course your cosmetic bag with you beauty, sun-protected products and your few make up stuff are the last but not least you should worry about!!!

EXTRA SUPER CRUCIAL TIP: Enjoy your days people and don't forget to take with you, your smile, your positive energy and the best company, cause magical moments are the ones that really counts and only with these 3 things mentioned in this line you can live the experience!


boater hat: GIORGIO HATTER


thank you GRAND RESORT LAGONISSI for your hospitality

photography by KYNTHIA KINDELI

xx by El.g

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