Wednesday, 31 May 2017

YEAP, the most amazing season of the year is here and how lucky I am of being greek and having the opportunity to be close to so many beautiful islands!

One of my favs is -guess which one?- Mykonoooooooos and of course I was super excited to be invited to one of the biggest luxurious villas in Mykonos, Alegria. 

So, I took my gals, Alexandra and Naomi and we enjoyed Mykonos at its best because it wasnt that crowded!

The moment you return back from Mykonos you want to go back. 

I am still thinking the massages we did at Alegria, the yoga classes we took, our suntanning at the big pool and of course our laughts and night talks with my besties!

Mykonos c you soon!

xx by El.g

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