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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Do you ever get dressed, look in the mirror, and feel like your outfit is just missing something? Piling on a necklace, a belt, and a pair of earrings may seem like the natural thing to do, but there's an even more effortless way to give your look the boost it needs: a simple silk scarf and I literally love them. 

A scarf is the kind of cool-girl accessory you'll quickly grow fond of, one you'll feel naked without after just a few wears. Whether you fold it diagonally and tie it like a bandana, wrap it tight like a fabric choker, or even throw it around your waist, it's one of those easy add-ons that can completely transform your ensemble.

I love wearing a scarf on my head especially when I am at the beach.. Beach waves, salt and your fav silk scarf. Can you think of a better combo!


Love you my girls!

xx by El.g


  • Teo

    03 September 2017 at 10:55 | #

    Εγω με όλα αυτά τα απίστευτα άρθρα, πιο πολύ κόλλησα με αυτό Έλενα!
    Όμορφες εικόνες, ξεχωριστά τοπία!
    Είμαι ο Τeo - life style blogger, θα περιμένω και τις δικές σου εντυπώσεις στο


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