Saturday, 05 March 2016

I know that black is always going to be in our hearts and it's the color that dominates in most women's wardrobes but most of the times I am getting bored of it and I know you do too.

The minute I wear colorful clothes my attitude changes right away and this is what happened to me when I chose to wear this blue combination despite the weather's contradictions.

Well, maybe it's not only the colors that make me feel good right now, maybe my good mood is due to fashion week, or maybe it is just Paris, or the fact that I really enjoy my moments and what I actually do and the only thing I would like you to inspire you above all through this blog, is to choose to do what you LOVE.

I quit a really nice job to begin fashion blogging out of nowhere and I never regret this decision!!! Maybe the fact that I didn't decide it to do it earlier... xoxo

Color though, in your wardrobe is more than something to please the eye and more than just a matter of personal preference. It is a kind of magic that can transform you from what you are to what you would like to be. It can make you seem slimmer or fatter, younger or older, audacious or timid, dull or exciting,  wholesome or naughty. But most of all, and for my purpose here, it can make you look better or worse! 

In my case, I chose to mix and match blue with yellow and two different patterns combining it with a coat on a basic color such as grey to maintain a balance and I think I loved it a lot. Do you?


total outfit: PINKO, shades: GIVENCHY, bag: CELINE, shoes: ZARA

ps: That day we filmed for MODE. 


photography by BILL PATRICK

xx by El.g

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