ERDEMxHM #layering

Sunday, 05 November 2017

For H&M, Erdem has designed a brand-new collection for women and, for the first time ever, a collection for men. Erdem believes in the power of beauty, exploring historical references and personal narratives in every piece he makes. For ERDEM x H&M he'll reflect and reinterpret the design themes from some of his most celebrated collections, playing with the prints, textiles and delicate craftsmanship that have made his name.
“I am so happy to collaborate with H&M, and to explore my work on a whole new scale including a menswear collection which I have never done before. It’s also such a thrill to work with Baz Luhrmann, one of the most important storytellers of our time,"  says Erdem.

I really loved the romantic floral patterns that matched perfectly with basic items. This collection is really a collection that each girl would want to have and wear again, again and again. 

photography by

Bill Patrick
xx by El.g

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