Friday, 15 July 2016

The truth is that from the moment we wake up till the moment we get to sleep, we are with a cell phone in our hands... Come on admitted, you too? I know it's true, don't hide from me.. The first thing you do when you open your eyes is to log in to your instagram account and see how many likes you got on the picture you uploaded last night or to surf through your feed to see what others been up to while you were sleeping!

What I love the most since the moment I start blogging is the fact that I can communicate with you guys.. I like when you send me questions or nice words and you know I always write you back.. I believe that this is something I will never stop doing cause our relationship is build in this trust.. 

So as you clearly imagine I need the best phone out there and recently I made a huge change in my life going with android for the first time as I am using the new Sony Experia -soon I will have you more news about that-

The fact that it is gold makes me to love it even more, it matches amazingly with my ivory clean cut dress from the new collection of PINKO, best combo of elegance, don't you think? 

By the way the aw/16 collection of Pinko is to die for, just wait and you' ll see!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend and see you from Mykonos..

dress: PINKO, shoes: EXPRESS

photography by

xx by El.g

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