Saturday, 10 September 2016

The transition of the-careless-free-moments of summer to the here-we-go-again routine of the season is something that it is not easy to any of us.

Traffic again on the roads, first moody days of fall, the firsts notes and deadlines of our new projects and what about these delays at some points, I know that are many more but I named a few of the frustrations that we are dealing of this period and makes usfeel kinda of weird!

We will pass through this, I know, and it is how we see things basically.. It will take us a little time to get away of our beautiful vacay time and the feeelings that summer gifts us with and realize that reality is a little bit more harse than that, but we will make it.

Focus on the bright side.. Smile with the memories of what you experienced on during summer time, feel the senses of the rain, set up new goals and move forward. Better things are coming, I can tell!

and because its Friday, I wanted to welcome the weekend with something bright and what is brighter that white? Hmmm.. I can't resist at a total white look, not at all. White is my favorite color, it's elegant, it's sophisticated, it's classy, it's pure and clean as everybodys soul should be!

I will lastly say that a beautiful woman is the one that her charm is brighter than her beauty and her personality is brighter than her charm..

Do you feel me?

dress: H&M, shoes: EXPRESS

photography by BILL PATRICK 

make up by MAC COSMETICS

xx by El.g

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