THREE WORDS: Little Black Dress #LBD

Friday, 19 August 2016

The little black dress (LBD) never goes out of fashion and will be your BFF for years to come, isn't that right girls? 

Every season though, we still find ourselves searching for our favorite LBD and I think I was lucky with this one as I found the ultimate black dress of this season very early, having the chance to take it with me on my vacations to Mykonos. 

I know what they say about white clothes during summer time and how good they look when you are suntanned but there isn't any sexiest thing for me when you wear black clothes exposing your dark sunkissed skin! Don't you agree?

So, 2 days before my trip to Mykonos I went to Pinko store to shop a few things for my vacay, literally the new collection is to die for, and clearly I couldn't resist to this black dress.

Have a closer loo on the details. The straps aren't the usuall straps but metallic chains instead and the fabric is neither silk nor leather but it looks like its something in between. I am telling you, you feel divine in this dress and what about the shoes? I loved them too and they match perfecty with this dress. 

I was walking in Mykonos town that night going to Venice when we had reservations at Nice n' Easy, a beautiful restaurant by the sea with a breathtaking view of the windmills and I must confess that I could sense how they were staring on me or maybe this dress.

Isn't this feeling magical? Feeing confident in what you wear and for that reason I choose wisely my clothes.

You don't need much most of the times, you just have to be on point and enjoy your moment!!!

total outfit: PINKO, bag: GUCCI 

xx by El.g

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