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Saturday, 06 August 2016

2 whole months I had to meet with my nutritionist and from the one hand my vacations in Mykonos and the other my vacations is Paros, I had to see her as soon as possible. I called her and I was praying for her being in Athens and lucky me she was!

I don't know about you guys but only when I have someone to tell me that I was wrong I really get into this mood. Ok, I knew that I propably have gained some weight with all that food, but if I didn't meet with Despoina, I wouldn't stop..

Bottom line I gained 2 kg which is translated that I went up one size.. Goodbye small for now!

Well, this is kind of normal for my body as with no diet and no exersize for 2 weeks, my shape changes instantly.. but it quickly gets into normal.. I don't know whether this is good or bad but this is how my body functions.

I did workout 2 times this week but unfortunately my personal trainer leaves for vacations. Really John? Oh, come on!

So, I have no choice that to follow Despoina's diet for this week. You will now wonder how I will make it as I am going to Mykonos again this Tuesday.. I will try though I promise.. I have too!


  • Smoothies with low fat milk or yougurt, 1 banana and cinnamon. 
  • Almond milk 1.5% (200ml)  and cranberies 
  • Omelete with 2 slices of turkey and 1 cup of orange juice. 


  • 1 fruit of your choice.
  • 10 almonds with 1 apple.


1η day:  Salmon with boiled vegetables 

2η day:  Grilled chicken breast with kinoa and salad. 

3η day: Salad with low fat cheese and 2 crackers. 

4η day: Chicken burger with grilled mushrooms and mustard sauce. 

5η day: Tuna with salad and lemon

6η day:  Red peas with tomatoe, onion and red peper.

7η day: Green salad with chicken, corn and balsam.


  • Fruit of your choice


  • Τuna with tomatoe cherries, olive oil and 2 crackers. 
  • Barbeque chicken with salad. (2) με πράσινη σαλάτα (απεριόριστη)
  • Rice crackers with 2 slices of turkey and low fat cheese.
  • Yogurt 2% with pineapple.

Oh my, good luck.. I can't believe I am starting over. Next time I am meeting Despoina is September so I better do some work to avoid dissapointmet. 

We have to take care of our body, you know where there is that point when you feel good. It is ok to gain a few pounds and enjoy food, but the confidence that you have when you feel nice with your body, that feeling is priceless.

So take care of it.. Afterall is the only place that you have to live in!!!  

Shall we begin?

Love you

xx by El.g

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