hello, my beauties, 

First of all, I want to thank you for all of your messages I received for my mother's health! You are so so kind and so deeply into my heart..

I know you have been waiting for my nutrition, so here it is!

Is getting public in greek but whoever of you is interested you can send me and I will get back to you with an English copy!


and while I am eating my delicious squid with rice, this is my progress so far!

27.01.2018 weight: 73.2kg /  fat: 22%

07.03.2018 weight: 69.7kg /  fat: 19%

14.03.2018 weight: 69.6kg / fat: 18%


Be strong and don't forget that your progress is your strength, so don't give up. 

Try and you will make it!

xx by El.g

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