Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Everytime I know I am going to meet with Despoina I have a weird anxiety, maybe because my perfomance is being tested each time and I have this thing of doing good all the time!!! hahahah Sometimes that it is not possible, as this week. Well, it wasn't that bad, but as I wrote you on yesterday's post, I could resist to the pies on my trip to Zagoroxoria.  

As you will see from my measurements, you will see that I am half a kilo thinner but I am not actually slimmer, because I gain 1 kilo of fat. Do you remember what I tell you the previous time? It is exactly the opposite case. The good thing is that I am loosing cm from my hips and weist, at least that is comforting!!

Ok, I don't want to exagurate, everything is good and I have 2 more months to acheive my goal!!

This week though, me and Despoina decided to do something different. She gave me a form where I will write exactly what I eat, so as not to loose control, because I tend to neglect lot of things that I maybe eat. For example, while I was cooking my fish the other day and I ate 1 slice of toast because I was waiting and it wasn't at the menu.  Do you see my point?

So my diet this week is the following:


  • Toast with cheese and turkey twice per week.
  • Almost milk 1.5% (1cup/200ml)  with cereal.
  • Crackers (2) μwith turkey (2slices) and orange juice.


  • Fruit of your choice.
  • Almonds (10) or nuts (5μισά)
  • Crackers (3)


1η day:  Grilled Calamari with rice and green salad. 

2η day: Green salad with beans and turkey breast.  

3η day:  Chicken with brocolli. 

4η day: Steak with grilled mushrooms and red pepper. 

5η day: Fish with green salad. 

6η day:  Omelete with mushrooms, light cheese, 1 toast and green vegetables.

7η day: Pork fillet with mushrooms. 


  • Fruit of your choice. 
  • 3 small carrots.


  • Tuna salad with 4 tomatoe cherries and green salad. 
  • Yogurt 2% with honey and cinammon.
  • 2 crackers with cottage cheese and 4 tomatoe cherries. 
  • Green salad with 1 egg and nuts. 

* At all salads you can have 1 tablespoon of oil. 


I hope next time I will do better.. Let's go girls!!!!

Also, I went to Art Surgery at Glyfadato do my second session to get rid of the ugly cellulite that we all women have. Ok, the doctor said to me the first time we met, that after the 3rd time I am going to see results but I have a feeling that my results are going to be awesome.

It is the first time in my life that I am combining diet, working out and cosmetics sessions, so it will definitelly lead to something good, I know!

Love you girls and stay tuned cause lots, lots, lots of good things are coming...

ps1: Stay tuned on my snapchat too because this weekend I thing I am going to try some smoothies recypes that Despoina told me! xoxo

ps2: Inbox Despoina's profil on facebook.

xx by El.g

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