Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Goodmorning my loves!!!

The previous week I had promised you that I would be write down everything I eat, so as Despoina will see exactly undersatnd what I am doing, but guess what? I didn't!!! I am not going to lie on you or publish fake data but I had such a difficult week and each time I was eating, I kept saying to myself that I would going to remember everything I ate afterwards but no luck! You need to write them down that exact moment..

This week though, I am going to be a good student, I won't forget it, you 'll see!!!

By the way have you wrote your meals down?? Nooooo? Yeeeeess? Hmmmm... I am watching you!

Deep down I know what I did wrong this week. I skipped lots of my meals, I had so much work and running and I forgot even to eat but this is terrible! I have mentioned you before that when you leave your stomach without food for hours, even a innocent apple can make the damage because your body needs energy to "operate"!! So, eat girls..

This time I didn't loose much but I dropped my fat percentage to 25.7%, can you believe I started with 31.5%? I think that's the main reason I started my diet at the first place!

Despoina doesn;t want me to loose anymore kilos, but I 2 more just to be safe so I keep on going girls! But the thing I need more is working out.. I know that this month is kind of difficult but my goal is to work out 3 to 5 times!!

My diet for this week is the following:


  • Toast with turkey and cheese (twice per week)
  • Almond milk 1.5% (1κούπα/200ml) crackers (2) with honey
  • Rice crackers with an egg


  • 1 fruit of your choice
  • Almonds (7) or nuts 


1η day:  Steak with boiled vegetables

2η day: Ceasar with green salad and grilled chicken and cottage 

3η day:  Beans with 1 tomatoe, 1 onion and 1 egg. 

4η day: Chicken burger with 4 tomatoe cherries and green salad.

5η day: Salmon and brocolli

6η day:  Omelete with 1 egg, fresh mushrooms, green vegetables and 1 whole weat toast.

7η day: Shrimps with green salad and lemon. 


  • 1 fruit of your choice


  • 3 slices of turkey with green salad and 4 tomatoe cherries.  
  • Yogurt 2% with honey and cinnamon. 
  • 2 Crackers with cottage cheese and 4 tomatoe cherries.
  • 2 chicken barbeque with green salad. 

*1 tablespoon of oil to all salads. 

From my measurements you will see also, that I have lost many cm from my weist and hips, something that makes me more happy than dropping down my weight!

Today I have my 3rd cosmetic session for my cellulite, so I hope that next week I will have notice some results to talk to you about!

By the way, I did the Pro Fiber treatment to my hair, the best treatment you will do for your damaged hair and pay attention, stay tuned on myfacebook page because one lucky work will win a 6-week treatment that costs 120 euro!

See how much I love you???

Nice body, healthy hair, best smile!!!!

lots of kisses 

xx by El.g

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