Friday, 11 December 2015

Few days ago I trevelled to London for my very first time and now I understand the suprise at evryones faces when I replied negatively at their question If I have even visited the most popular travel destination of all. I am not mentioning this by accident, I googled it and London is the first choice for travellers, with Paris, New York and Bangok to follow. Maybe the right moment to me to visit London was now because I had the time of my life and I have to confess that it was one of my best travels and I miss it already!

I miss our walks, my friends that I spend this trip with, our strollings around the city, the fascinating boutique windows, the streets and how decorated they were this period (if my phone didn't go out of battery, I couldn't stop taking pictures), the super comfortable taxis (why we don't have these kind of taxis in Greece?), the red buses, the delicious soups... I miss Efi, our london girl who showed us the city like noone else would, and I miss the amazing homemade breakfast ever she made for us. (Thank you Efi and Karim for eveyrthing!)

I really don't know from where to start and I don't think that I am able to limited in a single post as their are so many to tell you and so many other to show you and yes I want to share all my good memories with you.

The only think I was afraid with that trip was the weather, but even that was our ally, allowing us to enjoy our walks at this magical and so christmassy city!!!! You can't imagine my joy when I got out from Gatwick airport and realized that I wasn't cold!!! Woohoooooo the odds were all with me to spend four unforgetable days and I did.

What should I remember first? That we almost missed our flight waiting at the gate for Thodoris and Michalis? That 5 people and 7 luggages squished into a cab? i will never forget how we felt when we saw Harrods and all these lights, we had the smile of a little child but the real panic happened inside the Top Shop although the store that deserves definitely a visit is ALL SAINTS. The funny thing is that we were planning two days how we are going to leave for the airport and suddedly we realized that we were one hour delayed from our timeline and we almost missed our flight if we didn't race on the way to Heathrow. The reason?? Shopping at ALL SAINTS!!!! Hilarious.. I still laugh with our faces!

Another thing that characterize our trip is food! We didn't have the change to jungry because we ate all day at numerous restaurants but every single time was a trully experience with NOVIKOV being our favorite - I will write exclusively about it in another post.

The most impressive one though was The shard, where we dine at the 33rd floor viewing the most spectacular view of London, although the thing we will everybody remember is the persistance of the waitor to order 1 duck instead of 1.5 we wanted as a result to starve without being able to have some more as the kitchen closed without nobody telling us! At least the view was breathtaking..

Our strollings at Notting Hill and our visit to sunny Govent Garden fullfiled us with happiness like little kids, while London Bridge and Big Ben made us to admire London. The thing that was really missing was a tape recorder to record all our conversations and the laughts we had, because that's the only thing I can't describe you and I wish I could press the play everytime I wasn't in a good mood to cheer me up but at least I have my memories to do that!

It is not easy you know to go to a place with 7 people and communicate perfectly the whole trip and we did and we all had a great time that we will remember forever..
To these guys I want to dedicate this post: Thodori, Athina, Fillip, Michael, Efim and Karim THANK YOU! Thank you for the memories that we created and we lived together, thank you for this amazing trip!


Stay tuned of more London posts!!

xx by El.g

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