Sunday, 06 November 2016

That's something you don't live everyday.. Was my thought these couple of days everytime I was stressfull about my 1st show on national american TV.

It was a project that I was working on a year now, but everything is so different when the time comes and finally this day came and passed already but the feelings that I still feel and the moments I lived will remain fresh on my mind and heart for quite some while.

Well, it is not minor that I traveled to a different country (and world) and went live on air a whole hour for my very 1st time, presenting the brand that I represent to one of the biggest american homeshopping TV channels, EvineLIVE.

I don't actually talk about myself and my accomplishments but there are times that you have to give credit to youself and this is a piece of advice that I give to everyone, including myself because I am being hard to myself lot of times and maybe you are too!

Yes, Elena you did it.. I did it!

I went to Minneapolis, Minesota in the United States, as the brand expert of Reina V from Belgium. A brand with high-end timeless watches, which recently collaborated with the homeshopping channel and on November 3rd was our premiere!

Oh, dear God you can't imagine how stressful and how anxious I was about the premiere, but thankfully I had the energy and your wishes and everything went well and I am sure that next time I will be less stressed and I will enjoyed it even more..

and so my journey begins!!!!!! 

A few minutes before the show.. Last sneak peek on the notes.

Skirt and shirt: H&M

Here we go.. Together with uber sweet Melissa Miner!

After the show an undistressed stroll at the Mall of America was all I needed..

Shopping wasn't the only thing I did! 

Couldn't resist the rides...

Next day, I had a whole free day to explore downtown and I trully enjoyed the city!!

..but first some fuels for breakfast at IHOP (international house of pancakes) 

Living the dream..

Last Dinner.. Before I head to the airport!

xx by El.g

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