World Party Cruise

Thursday, 31 August 2017

World Party Cruise..

If someone called you and told you these 3 words, whould't you say immediately YES, even not knowing what was all about?

Well, in my case, that just happened!

When they asked me if I wanted to attend the World Party Cruise, the 1st World Party Cruise I said YES without second thoughts!

and I am so glad I did, because.. can I write this... can I? Yesss WE HAD A BLAST!

A 4-day cruise, with captain the one and only SAKIS TANIMANIDIS, starting  from Lavrio, to Mykonos, to Efesos Turkey, then to Samos and lastly to Mylos!

4 full days of fun, music, sun, laughs, lots of social media pictures but basically we made new friends and we created memories!


If you wanna live the adventure, new experiences are waiting for you!

Book your memories and make them count..

xx by El.g


  • yannis

    02 September 2017 at 07:35 | #

    amazing party



    02 September 2017 at 07:56 | #

    the cruise was fun... next time for us!


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