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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

You must have noticed that summer is my best season of all.. You kind of chill a little bit, you wear less clothes, you motivate all of your sensations!

This season I really enjoyed it because I started my vacations very early, from May and I love my beautifull suntanning. 

Oh, how lovely it is to be tanned and I really enjoy when after my shower I put on my body lotion and I wear my little dress.

So, sensansable!

Few days ago, I enjoyed my Sunday at my sister's pool house and I had with me the Palmolive Naturals body showers with the amazing scents!

My fav is the Palmolive Camelia Oil & Almond, I adore everything that smells like almond.. and after my shower I didn't even have to wear my body lotion as I wanted to feel Palmolive's scent and everybody said I was smelling divine, plus my skin was so soft that  didn't need to moisturize it even more!

Stay tuned, because 5 of you will have the chance to win these amazing Palmolive Naturals body lotion..

More of this giveaway in a few days at my facebook page!

xx by El.g

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