From Mykonos with Love - part 3 #elenasbeachstyle

Thursday, 25 August 2016

I wasn't suppose to post this one, but as I was looking my pictures on my phone I realized that I had too many that I haven't shared with you even on my instagram account, and I thought that it would be bad if I didn't. So there you go..

That week in Mykonos was unplanned too, but my cousins from the states decided last minute to visit the beautiful cycladic island and I knew that it wouldn't be the same without me as they haven't visited Mykonos before. Plus, I would have the chance to spend some quality time with them as we don't see each other often because of the distance!

I wish in any chance in the near future to be blessed and live all together.. We don't need anything more when we have one another, trully!

I am so thankful that I saw my family this summer, my beloved aunt and uncle and my cousin Niko and the new member in the fam -hopefully- beautifull inside out Gini..

I love you guyz..

 Who said we can combine business and pleasure? Me and my beautiful team found the chance to make a few shootings for Pinko and its new collection.

Adamantia, Nasso, Patrick did I mention that I love you?

I always visit my friend Stella Dimitriou when I go to Mykonos and this year she was working at the amazing Pasaji at Ornos beach.

This time I had the chance to taste for the first time rolls with black rice and I am telling you, it was deliciouuuuuus! 

Can I have some more please? 

Can you take me back? I just want to be with you and laugh so must that it hurts!

Thank you for all of the precious moments we had together, till next time..

xx by El.g

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