My island looks PAROS - part 2 #elenasbeachstyle

Sunday, 07 August 2016

Fisrt was Mykonos and then Paros, where I spend amazing moments there and if I find some time I will write you more about my vacations on Paros island too.

Let me ask you though something..  Are vacationing or not? Oh, ok that's what I thought. We have to charge on our batteries as it is going to be a very busy winter, don't you agree?

So, if I helped you kinda of with my looks from Mykonos, I thought that it would be a great idea with my beach looks from Paros as well, in case you don't know what to put in your suitcase or if you have complications about styling ideas for your beach looks. 

Here we are. Are you ready? 

xx by El.g

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