My Napolitivo Experience

Friday, 28 July 2017

I think that if you are hungry, by reading this article you will have a problem. Even me, I am thinking of ordering something to eat now while writing it and remembering the authentic Napolean pizza I ate a few days ago.

You lovers of the Italian food will love a little more well not exactly me, but Napolitivo. This unique all-day pizza bar that brought us Naples to our Southern Suburbs, specifically to Flisvos Marina, serves the most delicious, authentic Pizza Napoletana you have ever tasted.

This pizza is ready in less than a minute, as it’s cooked at 400 degrees in a traditional hand-made wood oven, which is made in Naples with Vesuvius bricks. The dough is prepared  daily and consists exclusively of water, flour, yeast, salt and ... very much "passion”.

Because of my sisters birthday I invited my family to Napolitivo and celebrate together! At first we enjoyed our aperitivo served with antipasti, since Napolitivo is the perfect place to drink your cocktail by observing the colors of the sunset by the marina. We continued with cool insalate and delicious pasta to end up enjoying the authentic Napolean pizza in various versions. The best closing for our early dinner was the Italian sweets - I liked Pizzi Pizzi, the calzone with praline and mascarpone. -Oh my, simply divide!



My little sis we all love you very much and I am glad that we are going to remember your 33th birthday with a such delicious way!

And because I wanted you to experience an Italian night like ours, basically to taste this unique pizza, - ITS A MUST, believe me- there is going to be a lucky winner taking his friends and enjoy an authentic Italian dinner!
Who is going to be?

The answer lies in my instagram!
Congratulations and enjoy!

Love ya

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