Surf and Turf in Mykonos #INYAMA

Saturday, 06 August 2016

The international restaurant group Food Fund International (United Arab Emirates) entered the Mykonos market from 2015 with cosmopolitan Inyama. The great Ettore Botrini is the executive chef as he has an established relationship with FFI, which goes back years.

Food Fund International is a worldwide premium dining group with restaurants in South Africa, the middle East and London.  President Costa Tomazos, began his career back in the 70s with one of the first steak house chains in South Africa. 

These days FFI has 6 different restaurant brands including: the flagship Meat Co, a luxury steak house chain with outposts in South Africa, UAE and London, Tribes in Dubai and Bentley Bistro & Bar, an impressive French fusion restaurant. Last, but not least, there is Eat Greek, a very successful Greek restaurant in Dubai which was the beginning of the Tomazos / Botrini partnership. 

It all started when the chain’s owner had dinner with his son Johnny at Ettore Botrini’s incredible Etrusco restaurant. It was all that was needed for them to suggest that Ettore take over the running of the some of their restaurants. 

When I was in Mykonos 2 weeks ago, I planned to visit Inyama, but it wasn't my first time as I had visited the restaurant when it opened last August. I wanted though to share with my family from the States who I was vacation with to enjoy the surf and turf experience too.

Surf and turf is the combination of beef and seafood either on a plate or as part of a restaurant menu. In gorgeous Inyama, on Agias Monis square behind Paraportiani, it’s the case of a surf and turf menu although the chef is planning some dishes which will directly embody the concept. It might sound like an odd combination but when it’s done with precision, technique, balance and great ingredients, it really isn’t.  

and really was an amazing, delicious, experience for all of us! We had one of the most unforgetable nights in Mykonos and a night will discuss about in the future.

Have you ever imagine that you will paint your food? Well, in Inyama you will and you will never forget this magic!

Thank you Inyama for you hospitality, we will sure enjoy your food at our next trip to Mykonos!

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