A DAY IN VERONA for the #CalzedoniaShow #CLZ

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Today it's a beautiful sunny Sunday, but my mind is still on Wednesday 15.04 and what happened that day and I believe all of them who were invited by the CALIN GROUP, the brand company of Calzedonia, Intimissimi and Tezenis in Greece, are in the same page with me!!!

The day of the amazing #CalzedoniaShow #CLZ has finally came and our date was at 9.00 am at the airport of Eleutherios Venizelos, were our leader Tzina Konstantopoulou, Communication Manager of Calin Group, saying to everybody goodmorning with her beautiful smile while giving us our boarding passes!! After our quick catch up with the whole team we got on board on Aegean's airbuss ready to live our adventure in Verona!

Arrival Time in Verona: 12.15 where we went directly to the hotel DB for lunch. At 14.30 we went at the center of Verona and we had 3 hours to walk around and feel the vibes of this city, the city of Romeo and Juliet's.

Of course I did a little shopping therapy at the Cosstores and at KIKO, brands we unfortunettely don't have in Greece!! If anybody listens, can we do anything about it? #justsaying

17:30 visiting Headquearters of Calzedonia, to see the MARE 2015 collection!

Colors, beautiful lines and lots of beachwear clothing is what caught my eye... Oh, summer please don't be late, I already know what I am gonna to wear at my first swim!!!!

At 18.30 was time to go backstage and witness the madness of the preparation an hour before the show! Beautiful, oh better, gorgeous models both female ad male (oh, god), with amazing bodies, fancy accessorizes and dangers making their moves a breath before they go on stage, were telling that we are going to see an amazing show!!! To tell you the truth? It really was... Calzedonia nailed it once more...

The show as I said was the most cheerful I have ever seen.. The music, the vibes, the scenery, the playful sense of the models and of course the collection of Clazedonia, were pushing you to get up, grab a mohito and dance and book some tickets right away to a tropical place for endless vacation... Was Not an ordinary show, I remember that when every model was out on the stage we were screaming like crazy, hahhahah, and when the show finished we were looking each other with a dazzed face!!! I don't have many pictures to post from the show because I couldn't easily press the stop from the video I was taping.. I wanted to have everything live on my phone!!! xoxo

After the show we were invited with the rest of the VIP guests and the models to the delicious boufet with italian food and I can tell you this: Yes, models eat, at the contrary with us that the only thing we were thing was "Diet forever"... Hey, I am lying, the parmezan cheese was divine!!!

23.00 and time to go home was finally arrived! It was one of my best flights ever after my phobia I have with flying the last year... But let's not talk about it!

We had such a wonderful time, we laughed, we discussed about the show, we become one, like kids in school back in time...

There some moments when you sit on the office, staring at your window and dreaming that if you close your eyes and open them again to be at another place even for a liitle while... Well, that exactly what I experienced few days ago for real!!!

I am so thankful for this trip and blessed of living even for a few hours the colorful and summery fairytail of Calzedonia...

Cheers to these moments..

Till the next one!!!!

PS: No worries, photos of the show are going to be uploaded vert soon.. So, stay tuned!!!!

xx by El.g

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