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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Anais Evripioti is a marketing specialist and the girl who is in charge for designing our blog!! She is also an expert on conceptual weddings and event branding at islands of the Aegean but she takes challenges for other islands as well! We still remember when we used to meet to design our blog and she was telling us about her wedding planning, it seemed so impressive but we didn't know it was going to be THAT impressive and of course we couldn't leave you out of this. We asked Anais to make us a presentation of that day, so as to get our futured brides, inpired!! If you want to imagive yourselves as brides at a private island, or just a field, or even at a beach party, Anais is your "girl" and together with her team that consists, make up artists, stylists, pilots, boat drivers, graphic designers, djs -you name it- will plan your perfect, wedding day!

A coffee with her is all you need to get your dream start happening!...

"I will start with a phrase that friends told me after the wedding, that "They have been to weddings, but not to THE WEDDING". I have sparkles in my face from my huge wide smile, when everybody who came at this little islet where we got married or at the field where we transformed it to a partying scenery, says that it was the most beautiful wedding they ever been too!

My need to scream that a wedding is not the tranformation of a woman into an outstanding mermaid with too much make up and lots of hair extensions, the entrance of the wedding couple with fireworks and dramatic music, a huge fake wedding cake or the couples first dance, lead me to organise a huge party..

Everything were organized and planned from us! The truth is that the most beautiful moments where the ones of the preparation, the pleasant hours we spent downtown Athens finding our materials or our trips to London or Aix en Provence looking for liberty staff ..

The concept was a mix of liberty pattern with some adds of tradiotional SEMEDAKI with a huge amount of CYCLADIC breeze. We took care of every little detail for our guests, discounts on boat tickets and hotels, rented cars, directions of how to get on the island, maps, wedding lists at stores located only to Paros and Antiparos to enhannce the local industry... and the two-days party began!


The pre-wedding party is very important because everyone gets to know each other! Pre-cocktails are come and go, music and sea helps people chill and to get a more relaxed mood -away of the citys anxiety- and of course dancing is the pre-story of the wedding!

Tip of the day: Pre-wedding must start at noon and end up during sunset!

Our beach party was at the west coast of the island, at Faragas! It lasted 10 hours non stop with the well-known dj George Verriopoulos on decks, lots of free drinks, coffees and burgers!

Another Tip: Do a double sound check, before they promised you the best sound ever!!!!


There isn't anything beautiful to share a whole island with your beloved ones!!! I was looking this island through my window from my house at Paros, dreaming that one day I will be marrying there my true love! .....and I did!!!

The rice had the scend of levanda and was from mrs Chantals garden and all the flowers were gathered by my moms friends. At the the end of the mystery, Father Emmanouil gave us his blessing and we drunk a local drink and we ate traditional pies! But there wasn't everything so is, we had many back and forths to carry all the tables, chairs, flags pies and everything that was needed. We got back to Paros while being dazzled by the sunset and me and our bridesmaids where dancing on the ferry under the sounds of a violin!

PS: Many thanks to the captain of the ferry as he made a u turn, when we informed him that our friend Christos has forgotten our wedding rings in the car!!


And the party got started! We didn't have sitting at the tables, everyone was free to sit whenever he wanted, and we started eating the traditional foods of Paros! Everyone was saying to us that that day you won't be able to eat anything, but I must tell you that we tasted everything! hahaha

This party was a night full of happy and smiley faces from people who wore their comfy outfits ready to show their mooves on the dancefloor! The bride -me- opened the dance with her 16 bridesmaid and everyone were dancing till morning hours. We ended up eating hot dogs, singing songs, or swimming..

PS: You don't need much, just spontaneity and love! You don't need too many guests, just few and your closed ones! You don't need imported flowers, our beautiful greek gardenia will do! You don't need funcy customs, the blue of the island is good enough...

WEDDING DRESS & GROOMS OUTFIT: Yiorgos Eleftheriades (custom design)
BRIDES SHOES:Ioanna Kourbela ,

GROOMS SHOES: Generic Surplus,

ΣΤΕΦΑΝΑ: Πριγκιπώ (custom design) ,

HAIR STYLIST: Marianna, Antiparos
MAKE UP ARTIST: Κική Παντελαίου, Gallerie de Beaute Πάρος

FACE CHART: Hara Kolia ,

NAILS: Maria Kotretsou, Paros

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Theodoros Chliapas,

VIDEO: Vasilis Lotsios


DJ: George Veriopoulos



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