Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Another fashion Monday has come to an end and yesterday was indeed remarkable. Our beloved designer and host of the night, Dimitris Petrou served us with the most fashionable menu ever!

The models one by one were walking at the runway with his designs and then they were sitting at the big table on the scene.. Feminine black and silver suits, laced baby pink and blue dresses and chaki jumpsuits were few of the "courses" that fullfilled our apetite. 

I love the thing that the greek designers prove that fashion in greece is so leveled up and it could compete the fashion in the world wide industry!

Of course my makeup girl Αδαμαντία Κατσαμπή did her magic again and leveled up my look as well.. She deserves the best because she is so talentive and has the same vision as me. She wants to do better and better things all the time, loving and enjoying what she does. That's magic, I am telling you!

This time we did a long eye liner that we called Grammy Eye, don't ask why! Subscribe on my YouTube channel --> because I will upload a video from my snapchat stories of the night..

Black was the color of my look as well..

I chose to wear a black long dress from my fav designing duo ChrisP and a long blazer from -remember this brand girls, I will talk about this really soon- FABULOVE, while my shoes were silver ankle boots from ΝΑΚ stores. 

Who said you can't match silver with gold? There no rules in fashion, you just have to feel confident with what you wear. So, the final touch of my look was a statement pair of gold earrings from So Chic bijoux. 

xx by El.g

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