Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Previous Tuesday, MCM presented us the new collection of Spring/Summer 2015 and a small preview of the A/W 2015 collection at a very impressive all day event that was held at DINNER In the Sky, at Technopolis, Gazi. Dinner In the Sky platform gave a very unique essence at the event and the opportynity of a very special experience for the people invited!!!

The collections was presented with the title «Game On! Diamond Land!», inspired from video games. Very bold and dynamic with geometrical patterns, in vivid colors you gonna love!!! It's clearly the best collection of MCM and it shows how much the brand cares about fashion! To tell you the truth we didn't like only one; all the collection and we don't exagurate is to die for!!! Personally, we wanna say congradulations to MCM cause they clearly made the difference and they impressed everybody for sure..

Afterwards we had the chance to enjoy the ultimate experience by dining up in the skies, aka DINNER IN THE SKY!! We literally dine at 50 metres above the ground, admiring the center of Athens from the top.. The vent was powered by Act & React and it was one of the best media events that we attended to!

Zoi and Alice thank you for having us on board at this special event, congradulations once more , you together with MCM took us to heaven!!!

xx by El.g

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