Wednesday, 18 November 2015

and YES YES YES is that beautiful time of the year where everything is joyfull, happy, full of music, colors and pure feelings.. CHRISTMAS!

December has always been my favorite month and how it couldn't be? For some days you can forget -kind of- of your worries and be that little kid you used to be and feel like you are living your own fairytale..

Well, this is how The Body Shop at Psyhiko welcomed us in their Wonderland with the best hostess and very good friend of mine, Dimitra Kaldi, Marketing - Communication Director of the brand.

MAKE THEM FEEL GREAT THIS CHRISTMAS is their moto and yes we felt great indeed! We discovered the new special edition of the body series with Frosted Plum, its scent is trully festive, ideal for this period of time.

Of course the other scents too are continue to excite us,Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple (my favorite), but the most important of all is that with every package of gift you buy, you give 1 day of clear water at one family in Ethiopia!!!

Xmas is a magical moment and THE BODY SHOP are cooperating with WATERAID.


The gifts that you can buy for your friends, relatives or your beloved ones are many as every time actually, the difference here is that you can make other people smile as well. People that you don't really know but they need your help without even asking for it!

So, what are you waiting for?

I didn't miss going at the beauty section as well, where I met my beautiful beauty girl, Souzana Keggitsi and the thing that impressed us the most is the Shade Adjusting Drops, where you put just a few drops at your make up you already have at home and make whatever shade you want! How perfect can that be?

I just wish for Merry Xmas this year too, worldwide peace and lots of smiles... Oh, I almost forgot.. See you everyone this Friday at Golden Hall round 19:00, Fay Skorda and Giorgos Liagas are going to switch on the Christmas Tree!

See you there...

xx by El.g

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