Thursday, 12 June 2014

I know that summer havent even started yet but what would you say to take a glimpse about what H&M suggests for this upcoming winter?

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the presentation of H&M STUDIO A / W 2014 and of course we found it more stylish than ever... I couldnt expect less from H&M, as the last years has turned to be a clothing giant in the fashion industry and many of its clothes are being sold out and must have in our wardrobes!!!!

Jeans, orange colors, sequins for more glam situations, old time classic cardigans and to die for long coats where just a few of the ones that dominated the most! My favorite was a total camel leather outfit, that cant wait to make mine and I am not quite sure that is going to be only it!

Of course men don't stay dissapointed, as their collection too is more fashionable than ever before.. Please do me a favor, dare to where colorful trousers or a floral shirt -why not- and avoid the boring jeans and a tshirt choice.. Yes, guys I am reffering to you... Try something different for a change, but be careful if its really not your style then prefer the usual, its safer...

Maybe if you see H&Ms collection, that is going to be available in September, maybe you change your mind and reposition your way of dressing up... hmm, what do you think?

PS: H&M showroom is at the 6th floor having one the best views in the center of athens.. As you can see I couldnt resist... xoxo

xx by El.g

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