Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I don't know from where to start telling you about my trip to Verona for the presentation of the Fall/WInter collection 2014 of Intimissimi and the only thing for sure is that there gonna be other posts too because I have lot of things to show you!!

I will start though, with the event hosted by Intimissimi at the Arena Di Verona at Sunday night, OPERA POP ON ICE, a magnificent ice-scating show almost like a fairtytale that you could live five worlds blend in one!! The world of ice, the power of dreams, the fire of the soul, the garden of delights and the celebration, acts to be inspired from the senses you feel when you wear the Intimissimi lingerie. Talentive ice-scaters and opera singers together with the music and the costumes offered us a spectacular show that we will remember forever! The well known, pop singer Anastacia opened the show with the song I'm outta Love, dazzled us with her voice and aftrewards, Kiesza with Hideaway made our feet dancing under our seats, where the motto of the night was ICE HAS NEVER BEEN SO HOT, so you can't understand even a little bit what the vibe inside the arena was!

When the show ended, at about 11.30, a party followed at the Gran Gruadia Palace with lots of wine, parmezan cheece, pizza -of course- and dancing from those who had enough power!

Lets go a few hours back though and describe you how I got dressed in seconds. The show started at 21.00 and our meeting point was at 19.30 down at the lobby of the hotel we stayed, Roseo Hotel Leon D'oro. After our lunch, we decided to go for a walk and see Verona and we returned after our excausting tour round 18.00 at the hotel! I had the amazing idea to close my eyes for 5 minutes and opened them by chance at exactly 19.30. You can imagine me right? It was the first time that I got ready in 10 minutes and hopefully they were waiting for me!

My extraordinary fringy skirt from the greek designers Deux Hommes, matched with a simple tee of INTIMISSIMI (like my lingerie) and a long blazer H&M studio, was all I needed to feel confident that even I had no time to prepare myself I would be worth standing to the circumstances, simple classy and minimal with a little extravagant touch, as the night stood for, little hot on ice!!!

Lots of congardulations to the Intimissimi company for all this organization, everything was amazingly perfect, an experience worthwhile remembering, giving a huge smile at my face! I had the chance to meet many good people, that we discuss matters about fashion and not only, we laughed, we exchanged moments that I will remember forever, we lived all this experience together...

I would like to thank Tzina Konstantopoulou, the communication manager of Intimissimi or the fashion icon of the company as I call her, who believed on me and invited me at this trip and made me a member of this team-family!! Intimissimi team rocks! Till next time... xoxo

Enjoy... be continued, stay tuned!!!

xx by El.g

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